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Web Site Hit Trackers and Counters
  • - Animated hit counters.
  • Binomic WebTracker - Shows names and details of the companies that visit your website. Used to view possible customers, keep an eye on nosy competitors, media and to measure campaign results.
  • - Provides traffic monitoring, site statistics, online reports and management.
  • ClickWit Visitor Statistics - Provides premium, real-time visitor statistics and web metrics that allow webmasters to analyze visitor behavior, create effective designs, and more directly target advertising.
  • 123Count - Provides traffic analysis and offers 175 counter styles.
  • - Web site traffic hit counter with no programming to track unique visitors through search engine tracking.
  • CounterCentral - Web counter and tracker with professional traffic analysis.
  • - Ad-free, real-time, fully-hosted webstats. Features in-depth reports about visitors and their browsing habbits.
  • - Real-time measurement and analysis of Web site traffic.
  • Global Audit - Provides site tracking.
  • GoldStats Web Stats - Free website statistics. Track every page on a website with real-time on-line statistic reports.
  • GoWebTools - Web counters and in-depth traffic reports, with no server-side scripts to install plus a range of other useful web tools such as Web Forms, Site Submission Tools, User Tracking, Newsletter Manager and Bulk Mail.
  • - Tracks visitor's activity and display into analysis reports.
  • HitBox - A web site traffic counter and analysis tool.
  • - Offers web site traffic statistics analysis using.
  • Hitmatic - Statistical tracker with multiple page indexing, and real-time visitor display.
  • Hit-O-Meter - Real time web site statistics. Includes ranked referral log, ip resolution and unique visitor loyalty monitor.
  • HitsLink - Detailed tracking with e-mail alerts, historical charts, and Excel (tm) spreadsheets on demand.
  • HomePopular - Track unique visitors on home related sites and provide ranking compared to similar sites.
  • - An invisible web tracker. Contains a single, summary page showing activity for all monitored pages. Provides session tracking, and also tracks links and downloads.
  • K15 LogClicks - Advanced website statistics for visitor tracking, traffic analysis, historical data and real-time reporting.
  • - Professional link tracking and statistical analysis in real time.
  • - Provides interactive insights into your website's visitors. Complete web based monitor and tracking tool suite.
  • Opt In Tracker - Third party email ad tracking service. Measures open rate, click through, and ROI.
  • - Web site traffic statistics tools. Free plans are also available.
  • The Red - Web site utilities including a detailed statistical hit counter, link tracker, web polls and free search engine submission tool.
  • Site Stats - Provides reliable real-time reporting of web traffic.
  • Site Traffic Analyzer - Web-based traffic monitoring and analyzing. Track site hits, visitor's IP, referring websites and search engines, keywords, and top pages with real-time reporting service.
  • - Detailed Web site traffic analysis packages from free to professional paid services offering over 25 reports.
  • Stat Trax Web Stats - In-depth web traffic analysis reporting.
  • Stats4You - Real time web site stats, multiple pages supported, keyword stats, referrer URLs.
  • Tetigi - Provides a real time analysis of web site performance. Major features include: textual reports, URL interpretation for dynamic pages, statistics customization using filters, and custom reports for different users.
  • - Features in-depth reports such as statistics on browser usage, screen resolution, operating systems and site referrers.
  • Traffic Examiner - Stats for the serious webmaster. A full suite of graphical statistics to analyse all factors of your traffic.
  • - Produces detailed statistics including search engine search phrases, unique visitors, page views, top referrering sites, pages, countries, and languages.
  • TruStats - Website traffic monitoring tool that allows you to track your website visitors.
  • WebHits - Web counter, statistics and tracking service. Free trial.
  • Website Traffic Report - Finds unique visitors, countries, referring site, urls accessed, and search engines.
  • Website Visitor Tracking Service - Does the term 'Website Analytics' leave you cold? Have you tackled Webalizer, Analog, or AWStats and had to lie down in a darkened room afterwards? Counter-Intelligence gives you realtime, online, raw access logs as you want them.
  • WebsiteTracker - Commercial tracking service with comprensive reports. Offers a ten-day free trial.
  • WebSTAT - Provides traffic statistics for websites. Service contains over 50 reports.
  • Web-Stat hit counters - Web counter with in-depth traffic analysis including uptime monitoring and search engine tracking. 175 counter styles available, including an invisible hit counter.
  • Webtistic - Live web site traffic analysis. Track referrals, search engines, and user information.
  • Wysistat - A tool measuring audience and web traffic on Internet sites. Also tracks search engine ranking of site and competitors. Based in France.

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