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Counters and Trackers Softwares / Programs
  • EasyStat - Web counter and web traffic analysis software that generates customized statistics reports in multiple languages.
  • Faster Flash Free Counter - Claims to be a faster Flash free counter for one's web page.
  • Hit Counter - Multi-site, multi-user version of hit counter recommended for hosting companies.
  • HitLens - Track site visitors in real time. Includes information on paths, referrers, and downloads.
  • L10 Hit Counter - Hit counter with Flash based web site statistics reporting. Generates 100's of real-time traffic reports including visitors, hits, referrers, paths, browsers, and trends.
  • Users Online - Track visitor's path through your site in real-time. Daily log files kept recording information on each visit including time of hit, all pages visited, ip, and referrer.
  • Viaden - ViaSnatcher enables people to collect information from their website visitor: E-mail address, Full name, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo account, and find IP addresses.
  • BSCounter - A web hit counter/tracker written in Perl.
  • Clicks Counter: Downloads Counter - Track all the "hits" and "clicks" on any link on your Web site. It includes a password protected online viewer that will display color tables of the information collected. [Commercial, free installation]
  • Counter Lite - Counts both unique visits and page views. [Freeware]
  • Page Stats - Keep track of visitors get on web pages. It uses JavaScript to insert the counter into html. [Shareware]
  • Traffic Log - Enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, by date, browser and captures the entry page for each visitor.
  • Unicounter - A Perl script that can count page-hits or downloads. It is may be used with javascript or server-side-includes and can track IP addresses to eliminate false increments. [Freeware]
  • WebAnalyser.NET - Web based multifunctional tool for real time website monitoring and traffic analyses. [Commercial]

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