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Commercial Log Analysis, Log Analyzer Web Sites
  • Absolute Log Analyzer - Client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis, including realtime browsing of web site statistics.
  • Active Log Analyzer - Web site traffic analysis software, which imports data into MS Access. Web analytics reports can be created with SQL queries and external data can be linked to the clickstream analysis.
  • Active LogView - Log analysis program which runs directly on the server. It includes total requests, unique visits, advanced referrers list, and hourly summary. Report requires Pan-European text download for IE5.
  • Advance Logger - Web Stats - Among other features, includes the ability to do a walk through analysis of pages visited by a user. Generates its own logs instead of using server logs.
  • Advanced Log Analyzer - Powerful web activity analysis tool. It generates some non-traditional reports like most common visitors paths and profiles (based on pages visited), web flow report, indirect and direct references analysis reports. Shareware on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me
  • AlterWind LogAnalyzer - Quickly generates traditional and some additional reports for your web site log files. An easy-to-use interface and supports many different log files formats, including a customizable format.
  • Analyse Spider - A log file analyzer software. Uses an internal IP mapping technology that identifies a visitor's geographical region by their IP address.
  • Analyse Webflux - Generate a visual and total site map picture with traffic path and hit from logs. A different way to graphically view site traffic.
  • AskLog - web log analyzer - Web log analyzer to track visit information.
  • AXS Visitor Tracking System - This set of CGI scripts is used to log accesses to a web page, and to process those logs into meaningful graphs. Basically an all in one beacon and reporting system for a site.
  • Azure Web Log - Web site log analyzer. Separate statistics for every page and file. Accumulate statistics for a year. Partial downloaded log processing.
  • BehaviorTracking by Mondosoft - Gives unique insights of the search activity and user behavior on a web sites by learning from previous users, correlating visitor interests and providing vital facts about search activities. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • bt-LogAnalyzer - Proxy and MS Exchange log analyzier dentifies possible issues with Internet access or bandwidth consumption by generating detailed reports, summaries and graphs
  • CHweblog - Real time Web statistics which display who is on a site right now and what pages they are viewing; offered as installable or remote service.
  • Clickstream Analysis - Web content management product measures every page display. Log file and website analysis available with their internet tracking software.
  • ClickTracks Analyzer - A visual approach to understanding how visitors interact with a site by displaying live page overlaid with data that visually shows how many people navigate any link. Also displays time spent and other data, along with a site map of how people navigate. Written by the author of the popular Analog analysis package.
  • CNStats - A real-time system for accumulation and analysis of site attendance statistics. Requires PHP.
  • ConversionTrack - Web log analysis focused on conversion behaviors. Runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP but reads all major logfile formats.
  • Datanautics - Provider of enterprise software solutions for optimizing the effectiveness of e-tail, retail and e-media initiatives.
  • Deep Log Analyzer - Log analysis tool which runs on various Microsoft platforms but can read both IIS and Apache logs. Uses an MS Access back end and an MS Office style look and feel. Available in Pro and Standard editions.
  • Deepmetrix - Offers real-time website analysis reporting and data mining capabilities that enable companies to understand visitor behavior, measure campaign ROI, and optimize clickstreams and e-commerce revenues.
  • EasyStat - Real time web statistics application that is fast, reliable and easy to use.
  • Ecomm Quick Stats - Another counter type asp, gives some nice quick summary graphs but is not deep. Includes unique visitor counts for the day, week, month, quarter, year, cummulative and by the hour. Also trend graphs and referrals.
  • Ecommstats - Site log and statistics analysis system that also tracks revenue by referrer.
  • Educe - Web Statistics Software using MS Access database that extracts information from the Bwusage.txt file provided by Demon ISP for users. Displays the data in graphical format. Free for last few months analysis, pay for more advanced analysis over more time.
  • eIQnetworks - A comprehensive Web/FTP site reporting and log analysis tool.
  • - Provides software and solutions that focus on the problems of e-commerce analysis, visualization, and planning. Go beyond the "what" and "how much" using a top down view of your e-business to answer "why" and "what's next".
  • Engine Metrix - Advanced traffic tracking and web site metrics analysis application, by Apex Search Engine Marketing. Emphasis on analyzing search engine marketing campaigns.
  • The Enterprise Log Management Solution - Measures employee web usage in your enterprise, not external usage of your web site. Product has network security monitoring and productivity verification, analyzes syslog data for companies using Cisco PIX Firewalls, Routers, and Check Point FireWall-1 Firewalls
  • eWebLog Analyzer - Log file analyzer providing information about website usage.
  • FlashStatistics - Provides web-based activity / click tracking software for Flash 5 & 6 (MX) Websites & CD-ROMs
  • FlashStats - Runs on Unix/Linux, Win, Mac. Similar to Webtrends and Marketwave entry products. A free 30-day fully functional trial is available. By Maximized Software
  • HomeLog - Professional web site statistics; view live visitors and users online.
  • Http-analyze - Log analyzer for web servers. It creates a comprehensive statistics report in two-dimensional (tabular) and three-dimensional (VRML) format. Free for Non-Commercial use
  • IBM Tivoli Web Site Analyzer - An enterprise-level Web analytics tool. Provides a view of overall health and integrity of the e-business infrastructure supporting business outcome management by integrating with other Tivoli products.
  • IIS Monitor - Real time log file analyzer for Microsoft IIS web servers. Features include: visitor session and spider monitoring, referrer and current page web browsing and up time monitoring for up to 5000 web sites and 10000 users in real time.
  • IP-Spider - Shareware log analyzer. Not extremely deep, windows only. Cheap, but not extremely scalable. Very limited reporting. Better for the hobbyist.
  • LiveStats - A high-capacity, real-time web analytics server that produces comprehensive web analytics reports for corporate enterprises and high-volume xSP properties.
  • 123LogAnalyzer - Web statistics and log analysis software that helps understand how visitors flow through your website. Wizard steps you through filter creation.
  • LogDoor by Open Door Networks - Allows webmasters to see and record Web site activity as it happens. Run on Macintosh.
  • LogFileManager - IIS logfile management tools for system administrators to help with administering IIS server logfiles including reports on data transfer rates per server and the ability to search through logs.
  • LogJam - Web traffic analysis application which allows complete customization of all its reports. Designed for Windows shared or managed hosting account.
  • The LogReport Project - Consulting services and support for the Open Source Lire package including customization and installation.
  • 1logview - See who visited your site, who came from which search engine, which keyword search resulted in your site's appearance on the top search engines, which file was accessed the most...and other useful reports for your web site. Very inexpensive.
  • Lumensoft LogAnalyzer - Converts log data to a proprietary analytic cube for OLAP analysis. Administrators can automate analysis across multiple platforms and applications. Provides both marketing and systems metrics.
  • Mach5 FastStats Analyzer - Inexpensive full-featured web-traffic log file analysis. Fast import.
  • Manticore Technology - Log analysis software focusing on web site and e-commerce metrics, including shopping cart abandonment, and conversion rates.
  • MetriServe Web Analytics - Real-time visitor tracking, sourcing, and behaviors.
  • Microsoft Commerce Server Home - Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 is the latest version of MS Site Server. If your site is MS based, this is a powerful set of linked components for marketing and e-commerce optimization.
  • NetGenesis - Provides software and analytic consulting that allow you to dramatically improve the financial performance of your e-business initiatives, by measuring, analyzing and reporting on key business E-Metrics.
  • Netlogger Box - Performs a set of measurements and calculations of the HTTP traffic (tcp sniffing) on the network, and supplies real-time traffic reporting. No log files are needed nor aggregated. Hardware solution with optional modular software extensions.
  • NetTracker by Sane Solutions, LLC - NetTracker, is a powerful yet easy-to-use usage tracking and log analysis program designed to analyze visitor traffic on Internet web sites and Intranets. Runs on the server so multiple users can access it.
  • Nihuo Web Log Analyzer - A Windows log reader and analyzer.
  • web site traffic analysis software - Offers advanced web site traffic analysis software and a free counter for measuring visitor behaviour.
  • OnTrail Analytics v2.0 - Now the only accurate and real-time Web statistics from the Apache Server. Trail visitor activities with accuracy and produce useful reports.
  • OpenWebScope - Affordable logfile analyzer, web statistics, website visitor analysis, for Win98/95/NT. Handles multiple languages
  • Pagetrek - Web site plug-in module enabling advanced page tracking facilities by intercepting every page viewed and following that user around the site in real time.
  • Pilot HitList - Very customizable reporting tool, supporting medium to large sites. Utilizes both log files and packet sniffing. Charges by site traffic.
  • PR Sleuth - A tool for log file data mining which measures the effectiveness of specific pieces of PR presented on the Internet, press releases, news articles, reviews or interviews - in driving traffic to a web site.
  • Priva PRIZM - Real-time application that correlates search engine referrals to conversion to justify search engine optimization and campaign ROI. Site includes demo, technical information, comparisons, and contact information.
  • ProLinkz - A CGI script and affiliate program that will let you easily track, redirect or disguise, and manage all your site's internal and promotional links. Uses: ad tracking, link tracking, automatic redirection. Low cost, but unclear what full value is.
  • RTmetrics - Real-timee tools emphasizing web analytics with OLAP drill downs, bandwidth metering, performance and error management solutions, eCRM, capacity planning and resource monitoring.
  • SageMetrics - SageAnalyst provides geographic analysis of visitors, visual sales funnel dropoff, and affinity analysis of visitor behaviors
  • Sawmill - A powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool for UNIX, Windows, and MacOS. Sawmill features hierarchical, cross-linked pages of statistics with powerful zooming and slicing capabilities. Excellent "path analysis" drill down section, for those with the patience to really dig down.
  • Seacloak Software - Makers of Traffic Report - a web log analysis application for the Macintosh. User's guide, sample reports.
  • SenSage Inc. - Large-scale security log and web log management system. Includes distributed full SQL query interface and embedded-Perl-in-query support.
  • ShopStat - A log analysis program focused on analyzing strengths and weaknesses of online shops. By Snakelab, Germany.
  • Site Intelligence Ltd - Focused on Website visitor intelligence, the VBIS product displays visitor behavior with a mixture of directed graphs and pie charts, a unique point of view. Also has consulting services.
  • - Professional and Affordable Website Statistics and Traffic Analysis. Access to your statistics from anywhere, anytime! All your statistics are compiled and presented in a very nice, and easy-to-use, standard web interface. Uses a VBScriptASP file instead of a counter.
  • Sitelogz Analysis - Sitelogz is a web site log analysis tool with many of the usual features. It uses a tree style frame organization of the report sections, includes some graphs. Also reports on media server usage. Unclear pricing, support, or even who wrote it, but if treated as a beta, should be fine
  • Site*Sleuth - Analyses servers log files and presents the information in a useful and easy to understand format.
  • Site*Tracker - Monitor the visits from search engines and other third party sites via referrer data in the logs.
  • SmarterStats - Tool requires no database back end. Web-based front end. Includes Bandwidth allocation and usage, on a per-site/per-IP basis reporting.
  • Statomatic - This real-time web site traffic analysis tool will track and analyze your web site hits and generate detailed, on-demand reports with interactive graphs. Works with or without server log files of any format, on any web server.
  • StatsMachine Web Statistics - Offers real time visitors tracking, referring URLs, keywords, and browsers. Visual Traceroute to IP report is a unique feature.
  • SteelTorch Software - Integrates with leading Application Servers, can give live reporting and analysis on site usage.
  • Stuffed Tracker - Provides, in addition to general statistics, conversion rates, ROI calculation and click-paths, performs split-tests, and tracks visitor actions.
  • Summary - log analysis and website traffic monitoring. Well over one hundred reports, many of them unique. Demo available. For Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun.
  • SurfStats - Log file analyzer that automates the website activity analysis process. Analyzes most popular log file formats (MS IIS, Apache, NCSA, MS Proxy, and Netscape Proxy). Reports generated in HTML.
  • Tacoda Systems - Audience Management System is an end-to-end marketing application used for analyzing customer interactions and segmenting and monetizing audience members, while providing a directly actionable, closed-loop solution.
  • TeaLeaf Technology, Inc. - Produces IntegriTea, which in real time captures and monitors what the user does and sees, recreating any problem and what led up to it.
  • Telemate.Net Software - Telemate.Net Software is a leading provider of Internet usage management and telephone call accounting solutions. Our product suite provides an integrated solution that enables you to monitor, analyze and manage how people use your Internet and voice networks.
  • TopDrop Website Tools - Windows Desttop drag and drop tool to allow you to analyze web logs, send standard replies to user queries, and other useful utilities.
  • Traffic Analyzer - High speed log analyzer with reporting to help you know how, why, when ,and where your customers came from.
  • Urchin - Log Analysis/Web Statistics. Aimed at ISPs and large sites. Fully browser based reports, links to revenue, Multilingual functionality (including double-byte), runs on 15 flavors of UNIX, Windows 2000/NT and Cobalt
  • Usage Analyst in Microsoft SiteServer - Though you have to buy all of SiteServer, Usage Analyst (formerly Interse) is one of the more malleable and powerful log analysis tools. Somewhat slow and complex, it nevertheless is the most flexible of the tools.
  • VBIS - Serious About Web Analytics - VBIS, Visitor Behavior Information System provides multidimensional analysis and superb data visualization. Enterprise-strength. Powerful. Modular. Flexible. White papers available.
  • Vio Clicks - A Web site ranking system created specifically for the Asian marketplace.
  • Visendo Analyzer - Based on the .NET platform, this program is designed to analyze almost any logfile, independently of the source data format, including webserver logfiles, databases, eventlogs or other text-sources.
  • Visual Insights - EBizinsights data visualization software turns traditional web site traffic analysis, reporting and tracking tools into visual ecommerce statistics.
  • WatchPoint by AG Group, Inc. - AG Group specializes in the development of powerful and cost-effective software-based tools to troubleshoot, optimize and maintain mixed-platform, multi-protocol network environments. Packet Sniffer, better for network ops than marketing analysis
  • WatchWise -- The Intelligent Monitoring - WatchWise is a real-time monitoring and statistical reporting system. WatchWise is fast, reliable, uses a transparent graphic, and gives you multiple-page monitoring. Offers a free 10-day trial.
  • Web Log Analyzer By Search Term. - Analyzes log data for Search Engine referred users with separate data for each search term. Plots changes over time.
  • Web Log Explorer - interactive web server log analyzer.
  • Web Site Tools - Superstats - Remotely hosted tool offers a wide range of real-time statistical traffic reports and graphs concerning your web site visitors.
  • Web-Analiser - A PHP script (reqs MySQL) to gather and analyze statistics of website traffic; reports a wide variety of stats.
  • WebAnalyst - Web expert system and open analytical server. It can be trained on past log files to provide statistics with users. Includes technology by the writers of Polyanalyst by Megaputer. A very high end solution.
  • WebHound - State-of-the-art clickstream analysis and reporting tool that empowers businesses to better understand their e-customers. By SAS.
  • Weblog Analysis Expert - Provides you with easy-to-understand reports and statistics about visitors to your Web site. [Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP]
  • WebLog Expert - Web server log analyzer. Includes usual site visitor info reports including paths through the site. Flexible filtering system. There is a freeware Lite version.
  • WebLog Manager - A custom web visitor tracking system. Track standard log information, referrering sites, and browser type. Uses SSI to "augment" a log.
  • WebLogStorming - Interactive windows desktop tool for analyzing web log files. Optimized memory model allows fast browsing through reports up to individual user activity from every visitor of web site.
  • WebSpy Analyzer - Fast and easy to use log analysis tool with support for mail server and proxy logs
  • WebSuxess - By Exody. Relatively standard reports, clickable for drilldown like most of these products. Includes Search Engine stats.
  • WebTrends Corporation - Offers enterprise solutions to provide advanced real-time analysis and reporting to identify customer trends, maximize return on investment, optimize content and campaigns and forecast revenue for their e-business initiative.
  • WhosOn - Tool for monitoring and analyzing web site visitor activity in real time. Monitors active visitors and the page they are currently viewing along with browser and referrer information.
  • Wusage - Web server log analysis package that runs on virtually every operating system with logs from nearly every server. Beyond standard reports (unique visitors, and referring sites). Also includes reports such as the site navigation graph.
  • x-stat - Records visits to web pages and processes those records into meaningful database listings. Written in PHP.

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